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Global Display Equipment Trade Co.,Limited mainly focus on merchandise display accessories for shopping mall and exhibition centeretc, we supply with a variety of hooks, metal plating class hangers, wooden hangers, pants folders, plastic mannequins, glassSteel mannequins, large clothing rack and other products. Adopting an advanced management procedure has a strong technical influence. This is implemented through product development, production and sales services and company enthusiasm for "innovation" and "integrity". A business-like attitude towards the professional development, skills in leading technology, excellent product quality,and creative services aim to lead the market. As always, company focus on the "technological innovation” to fit market development strategy. We will make continuous efforts to progress our expanding range of products and services, dedicated to providing our customers with the most genuine and trustworthy services. With the growth of China's import and export trade, our company aim to create a complete one-stop service, in order to adhere to the needs of traders; importers and exporters. We will endeavor to apply the appropriate shipment methods for each specific country when handling the export of your goods, in order to ensure safe and efficient delivery.
We have a very wide range of commodity information network, to create the best service "business philosophy, under the guidance of, through the unremitting efforts of all staff has made remarkable achievements.

Company as wholly-owned manufacturer based in Shanghai and Guangdong of mainland China, has experienced service team to provide customer services e.g. accepting orders, all processes of production, packaging, transportation, export services. The company since its inception has been signed with a number of countries and the implementation of a number of productions and sales contracts. The products had been exported to Russia, Canada, the Middle East and Southeast Asian countries. A high market share in Russia and the Middle East, the market also has a very wealth experience in product supply and demands, and good understanding of customer needs. Always flexible according to customer requirements for the core of the company's development operations, the development of cooperation in the manner and content of customer needs.
Practitioners over the years, most importantly, our company offer competitive price in the industry, high stable quality, extensive product lines, flexible process, as well as the most comprehensive services.
We firmly believe that the most sensible choice for you to cooperate with us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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